Summer updates to the book

  • Tidied the networked DVR sections to reflect changes in the offerings from manufacturers. This includes the new TabloTV Dual DVR and changes to the TiVO Roamio, Channel Master and SiliconDust DVR products.

  • Updated the Mythbuntu chapters to reflect that Mythbuntu as a separate Linux distribution has ceased to exist. Many thanks to reader Robert Lynch for updating us on this change.

  • Changes to the streaming sources section include: fuboTV, Amazon Prime's Thursday Night NFL, SlingTV's Cloud DVR.

  • Added Element TV's Amazon Fire TV Edition to the Watching Content - Smart TVs section.

  • Added an aside to the privacy section on addressable advertising and the possible consequences of the US congress revoking planned restrictions on advertisers access to our internet browsing history.

  • Added the TabloTV setting for widescreen Leanback mode to the AndroidTV section.

  • DirectTV Now is now available as a Roku channel.

The updated book files are ready for download by book owners from [LeanPub](

Please give us your feedback and let us know what you think. We love to hear how the book is helping and what we could do better.

Thank you, Joe and Kimber Fidler.