Samples from the book.

Several new samples from the book: The first sample is a short section for those thinking about cutting the cord and looking for a way to proceed. The second sample steps through digital TV antennas - what to consider when purchasing through to installation. The third sample shows using a

February 2017 update

An updated version of the book is ready for download from LeanPub . Updates include: Updated TiVo Roamio and added TiVo BOLT. Added new products from Mohu (AIRWave) and AirTV (Player and adapter) Updated print-your-own completion certificates for installing a Linux. operating system, building a computer for the living room and

2017 brings a crop of new over-the-air TV streaming products

It's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) time again, and there are a batch of announcements for products* combining broadcast-to-air TV with internet streaming. The newly announced products include: The AirTV Player from Dish Network which combines internet streaming from SlingTV with a TV tuner to receive local TV channels. The TV

2017 edition is out now!

Our book is written as a systematic and time saving roadmap for readers of all technical levels to find their own way and create their own answers; and it provides support and been-there-done-that tips. Some of what the 400-page book (with hundreds of illustrations, photos and diagrams) covers includes: installing