A 4K Food Chain

If your TV is hungry for 4K resolution content here is an overview of some ways to get it and the technology required to display it. Content. Where to get it. How it gets to the TV. HDCP (usually) required. Showing it (Decoding). Video clips, channels Youtube Internet No WebM

Samples from the book.

Several new samples from the book: The first sample is a short section for those thinking about cutting the cord and looking for a way to proceed. The second sample steps through digital TV antennas - what to consider when purchasing through to installation. The third sample shows using a

February 2017 update

An updated version of the book is ready for download from LeanPub . Updates include: Updated TiVo Roamio and added TiVo BOLT. Added new products from Mohu (AIRWave) and AirTV (Player and adapter) Updated print-your-own completion certificates for installing a Linux. operating system, building a computer for the living room and