February 2017 update

An updated version of the book is ready for download from LeanPub . Updates include:

  • Updated TiVo Roamio and added TiVo BOLT.
  • Added new products from Mohu (AIRWave) and AirTV (Player and adapter)
  • Updated print-your-own completion certificates for installing a Linux. operating system, building a computer for the living room and creating a Windows or Linux based DVR.
  • Added a section on handling conflicting channels in the MythTV DVR channel editor.
  • New ways to optimize home networks for streaming traffic.
  • Improved the section describing viewing distance Vs "Retina" effect Vs TV resolution.
  • Fixed readability of some diagrams. We still don't work well on Nook apps and readers as they don't render the current version of vector (SVG) diagrams fully.

If you have already purchased the 2017 edition you can download the latest version any time for free.

*Updated Diagram: Streaming puts our home network under a more constant load than other types of network traffic.*