Summer updates to the book

Tidied the networked DVR sections to reflect changes in the offerings from manufacturers. This includes the new TabloTV Dual DVR and changes to the TiVO Roamio, Channel Master and SiliconDust DVR products. Updated the Mythbuntu chapters to reflect that Mythbuntu as a separate Linux distribution has ceased to exist. Many

Linux Journal's review

From Linux Journal's June 2017 print edition... Prospective TV cable-cutters, even those with technical abilities, often are flummoxed in the face of choosing between all of the content options and new technologies available. Reliable sources of complete and neutral information in this space are hard to find, and the fun

May updates

After introducing a new chapter last month focusing on Apple technology, there are some small updates for May including: Minor changes to smooth the books operation in some e-readers. Added our email contact information to the book. We are still trying to get Nook readers and apps to correctly render

April updates and additions

We have added a new chapter to the book that focuses on Apple technology and ways to watch broadcast-to-air TV alongside internet streaming, iTunes and locally-stored content. We look at three setups, two of which use an Apple Mac OS computer (preferably a Mac Mini due to its size and

Review of the book in AppleWorld.Today

Dennis Sellers of AppleWorld.Today recently reviewed our book. Quoting from Dennis... Prospective cord-cutters like myself can easily get frustrated with trying to make the move as there are a plethora of options and new technologies out there. There’s lots of info available, but it can take hours to